How does a virtual escape room work?

  • Play with your team together at home or virtually via video conferencing

  • If playing virtually, you should elect one member of the team to access the game and share their screen with the rest of the group

What are the system requirements?

  • The game must be accessed from a desktop/laptop computer; it is not suitable for phone or tablet devices

  • You will need internet access

  • Ensure the computer audio is turned ON

How long is the game?

  • The game typically takes 90 minutes 

  • There is no time limit

Who can play?

  • We recommend playing in groups of 4-6

  • If playing virtually, we recommend using Zoom, Teams, Meet, or any other video conferencing  application with screen sharing capabilities

  • One member of the team should be designated to access the game and share their screen with the rest of the group

Can we play with a larger group? Is this a good team building activity?

  • If playing with a large group, we recommend dividing into smaller teams of approximately 6 players

  • The breakout room feature can be helpful if you have a videoconferencing application with this option

  • We recommend that you assign one person per team as the lead and have them share their screen with the group

  • Yes! This game has been used by many groups as an innovative team building/corporate event

  • With so many people working from home, it is especially important to maintain morale and connectivity